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When One Door Closes Another Opens

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Trusting God When the Door Seems to Be Closing

With so much happening in the world today – the recession, job lost, and etc., it seems like all the doors are closing right in front of our faces. It seems like there’s no way out of the situation we’re in. We pray and pray asking God to open up the windows of opportunity for us, but what do you do when all the doors seems to be closed.

When One Door Closes Another Opens

There are times when we pray and ask God for things. “God bless me with a job; give me that promotion at work; help me to pay my bills etc.”. We ask God for a lot of things. However, we never ask God to open doors He wants to be open and shut doors He wants to be closed. We need to realize that God has something better in store for you. My plans are not always His plans.

God Has Another Plan for You

Sometimes the things we pray for aren’t the things God has in store for us. Oftentimes, we pray for little things when God wants to bless us with bigger things. Sometimes we pray for God to bless us with the wrong things. You may be going through a situation right now feeling as though nothing is working out for your good. You might want to give up and throw the towel in.

When God closes one door, He opens up another. It could be that God wants you to have or be somewhere else in life. Or that God simply has another route for you to go down. Sometimes we have to hear no in order to get to where God wants us to be. Sometimes the door closes not because God is against us, but simply because it’s used as a tool to guide us where God wants us to be.

When you feel as though you want to lose hope; don’t! You want to give up; don’t do it. Know that God is with you. Guiding and ordering your footsteps. He has a specific path just for you to travel down, but sometimes as children wondering we lose track and go down the wrong path. Because of this, God put roadblocks in the wrong paths to get us going down the right path.

When One Door Closes Another Door Opens

Be encouraged and know that God has the key to open every door; change every situation and open new windows of opportunities. Sometimes, a obstacle is there to lead us to the path Jesus would have you to go. Be encouraged and know that God does everything for a reason; not for our demise, but for our good and to His Glory. The obstacles we face are sometimes God's way of guiding us. Be encouraged in Jesus name knowing that when one door closes another opens.

God bless you.

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