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4 Ways to overcome the Red Sea in your life. (part 2)

2. Be still

Stand firm, stand still just look at the command, the Israelites had the Red Sea in front of them, the Egyptian Army coming behind them and the battle plan that Moses comes up with is to stand still.

I could just see the Israelites complaining.

Moses you do realize that we have swords to fight the enemy.

Moses you do realize that we have bows and arrows, we can set fire to them and shoot the arrows into the enemy’s camp.

Moses you do realize that we have logs, we can build rafts and get across the Red sea.

Moses, we have some solutions that we can use.

Moses, what you’re saying makes no sense.

Wait, you mean to tell me that we need not to lean on our own understanding.

That what seems to be a suitable solution for this scenario, you want us to contradict our flesh.

Mo, you mean to tell me what our heart knows to be true, is not what we should do.

Wait, it’s not what our flash wishes we would do.

You want us to just plant our feet and stand still.

If you want to win this battle, plant your feet firmly on the promises of God.

Stand firm, on what God is saying about your circumstance, no matter how deep your Red Sea is.

Stand still, plant your feet, believe that God is who He says He is, and He will accomplish what He said He will accomplish.

God Bless, Israel - part 3 coming soon

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