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From Condemnation to Grace

After a long day, you sit on your couch, everything is stilled and quiet; you’re relaxing with a cup of coffee, and then the voices begin to speak.

Do you remember what you said today?

What kind of person are you?

Did you hear what your daughter said today?

Who do you think she got that from? You’re a terrible example.

You’re not good enough to be a parent!

You close your eyes to hide the tears that slide down your cheeks. A heavy sadness has overcome you; and the sense of guilt is all over you. That’s Self-Condemnation.

Condemnation is: The expression of very strong disapproval; to be pronounce guilty and sentence to punishment.

John 3:17 New King James Version (NKJV)

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

Whenever there’s condemnation you can rest sure it’s not coming from God.

God didn’t sent His son to condemn the world, but that world might be saved through Him.

How does a person know when there under condemnation.

Satan was condemned by God, he was judged and sentence to punishment. And because he was condemn, he so wants to condemn all of us.

How do you know you’re dealing with condemnation.

Condemnation is you feel you’re not good enough.

Condemnation is when you feel defeated because of sin or pass mistake.

Guilt is a strong ally of condemnation.

There are many people that are still stuffing with guilt for year and they still are under condemnation today.

Condemnation, Fear and Guilt are all related. They worked their way into our soul, and it sits at the base of our lives as tyrants.

When a decision is made because of guilt, because of condemnation, when you make a decision based on fear, it becomes your master. Almost everything going on in your life that comes from a negative place is condemnation base.

Condemnation is the root of any issues that you might be going through.

· When you feel like you’re not good enough, that’s condemnation.

· When you feel like you haven’t done enough, that’s condemnation.

· When you feel like you didn’t repented enough, that’s condemnation.

· When you feel you’re not annoyed enough, that’s condemnation.

· When you feel like you’re not a good enough to be use by God, that too is condemnation.

Anything that involves a curse or something in your life that’s going in a direction that it shouldn’t be, the root of it is condemnation. You think the root is based on fear, but fear is condemnation based.

Condemnation comes first, then comes fear, then come guilt and out of guilt you open yourself up for the curse. Condemnation want to stop you from having the confidence in Holy Spirit.

The one who started the good works in you is the one that’s going to finish the works. He will never stop until He finishes with what He started.

Condemnation will magnified and reminds us of our failures and keep you in shame. Condemnation doesn’t want you to recover from your mistakes. When we make a mistake, condemnation comes right back again and again, it won’t let you recover from your past mistakes it just stays there.

Condemnation put a standard of perfection on your life that you will never achieved.

The enemy uses guilt to keep you in a position where he can do his dirty work.

But God already dealt with it, nevertheless guilt won’t let you recover.

You have to use your authority, the enemy can’t have his way, he is not in control,

God has given you the authority, it has been but in your hands.

The truth is I’m not good enough, I can’t do enough right to be righteous. I may not be good enough, but God has given me the Holy Spirit to help me. I have all the help I need; I might not be good enough on my own, but Christ lives in me and makes me more than good enough. I’m justified righteous before God because of Jesus Christ, I will never face God’s condemnation because of His Grace and His Mercies.

God Bless, Israel

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1 Comment

Julio Feliciano
Julio Feliciano
Aug 12, 2020

Trully,this thoughts has comes to my mind lately,who am I,that you will use me lord!this post came exactly at the moment I needed. God Bless you brother!

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