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The Bitter Root part:1

What is the definition of Root Cause: A Root Cause; is a factor that caused non- conformance, or the fundamental reason or the indication of a problem.

  • Is there a root cause for your financial struggles, other than poorly managing your money or low paying job?

  • A person will go from one bad relationship to another, thinking that things will get better. Is there a root cause?

  • Some people make poor decisions, or they a struggling with poor health is there a root cause?

  • Then you have that person that can't hold a job is there a root cause?

  • Some people have problems with addictions is there a root cause?

  • How about those who have fear issues or have insecurities is there a root cause?

  • How about anger or self-control issues is there a root cause?

One bitter root can have many different fruits.

  • A bitter person can be harsh, judgmental, sarcastic and full of anger.

  • Sometime a bitter person is like an iceberg, cold, standoffish, very difficult to deal with, they are indifferent, and they have an air about them (they don't need anyone). Like an iceberg their problems are bigger under the surface.

  • Then you have that one that is a whiner or a complainer, they complain about everything, they also wallowing in self-pity, they always feel someone is purposely doing something to them and are filled with resentment, they are angry, and depress.

Bitterness will keep you from having the Power and The Holiness of GOD that is need in our hearts and in our lives.

How does a bitter root germinate, how does the root get there?

  1. A seed has to planted, The Seed of Bitterness is Hurt and that hurt becomes a root. That hurt could have been intentional or non-intentional or in some cases the hurt could have been imagined.

  2. You need soil to grow, the soil is a heart that harbors anger, they do not deal with the hurt as they should with the Grace of God and so they become a Bitter Person and that seed germinates in there heart and takes root. And so that root grows and grows deeper and deeper and that thing seen in there lives is just the fruits of a bitter root.

God Bless, Israel - part 2 to follow

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