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Many people wonder what is a word of knowledge and how can I begin to operate in this gift of the Holy Spirit?

A word of knowledge occurs when the Holy Spirit supernaturally gives you a piece of information that you previously didn’t know on your own. Words of knowledge can include but are certainly not limited to people’s names, ages, hometowns, careers, interests, addresses, etc. Words of Knowledge are limitless because we have an unlimited God who knows everything about everyone and everything!

As with every gift of the Holy Spirit, the gift of word of knowledge is free and yours for the taking! It is by faith that we receive every good gift that the Father has for us, starting with the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. After we enter into God’s Kingdom through faith in Jesus, we receive by faith everything else that God has for us. It is by faith that we receive His love, joy, and peace. It is by faith we receive His healing and provision. And it is by faith that we receive the Holy Spirit and all the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t limit yourself by believing that you can only be gifted at certain spiritual gifts. While some people may operate in high levels of gifting, this reveals to the rest of the Body of Christ what God has made available to all of us! While seeking to grow in the spiritual gifts, don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others or believing that you can’t operate in a gift just because you’ve never experienced it before. Let your standard be Jesus Christ, who operated perfectly in every gift of the Holy Spirit!

Lastly, remember that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are meant to point people to Jesus Christ. When you get a word of knowledge for an unbeliever, it is important to explain to them that you received this information from God as a sign to them that He loves them and wants a relationship with them. Don’t leave it at giving a word of knowledge and praying for them. Remember to explain the Gospel to them and ask them if they want to give their life to Jesus Christ. Words of knowledge are powerful signs to unbelievers that God is real, that He knows them, and that He is pursuing them.

God Bless, Israel

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