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Everyone has sin, but through Jesus Christ everyone can be made right. Countless of people don’t know or understand the Grace of God. Many believers live with a sense of shame and condemnation or fear of failing. How many live discouraged and depressed because they can’t measure up. Like many of us Grace is misunderstood.

I heard this man on the radio trying to describe Grace. He said Grace is like the oars on a boat we are in the boat and there’s a strong current (which is sin) and it’s pulling us towards hell. God has provided us with these oars and if you keep rowing you will make it to heaven, but if we were to ever quit rolling, we would go to hell.

That’s not Amazing Grace, that’s amazing you.

One of the aspects of Grace it enables us to live a new life in Jesus Christ.

Grace is unmerited, undeserved, unearned kindness and favor of God.

Grace is God's unmerited favor. When you depend on Him and not on your own strength or understanding, you qualify to receive His Grace upon your life.

We are unworthy of God’s Grace, but He gives it freely.

We don’t deserve it, we never have deserve it, and we won’t ever deserve it.

The Greek word for Grace is Haris. It was a cultural word in Greek before it became a scriptural word. It referred to as a free will gift from a superior to an inferior. When person superior in wealth or goods saw someone, who was in need, the superior person would gave a gift to that inferior that was called Haris meaning Grace. But it involves three parties. In cultural Greek the person providing the goods was the Patron and the person receiving the good was the client. The third person was known as the broker. The broker will go out into the community and see the needs of the inferior and bring the inferior together with the superior. Here’s the interesting part about this, the brokers would actually paid for the merchandise. The patron provided it, the clients received it, but the broker paid for it.

Does this sound familiar, the brokers is Jesus Christ, He brought us together with the Father and He paid the ultimate price for us and He paid it in full.

Grace is a gift that you can’t earn, you can’t buy, it’s already paid for, by Jesus Christ.

The Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible: “Grace is the dimension of divine activity that enables God to confront human indifference's and rebellion with an unlimited capacity to forgive and to bless.”

When Grace Happens - Addictions are Broken,

When Grace Happens - Marriage are Restored

When Grace Happens - Families are re-united

When Grace Happens - You’re Freed for Condemnation

When Grace Happens - Chains are Broken

When Grace Happens - Life finds Meaning

When Grace Happens - We have a new life in Jesus Christ,

That’s Amazing Grace, the Grace of GOD!

God Bless, Israel

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