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It’s Only a Test 1 of 3

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

In Ancient Greek "The word TEST means temptation" A trial comes into your life that overwhelms you to the point you just don’t know what to do, you stress over it, and maybe is a difficult decision you have to make.

Life is a series of tests; I remember when my daughter of Alea was born, immediately the Nurse started these tests on her, and within hours they tested her hearing her eyes, blood test all sorts of tests As soon as you’re born there’s a test, and only gets worse from there.

When you are born is a test, you go to school it’s a test, you can’t get from one grade to another without taking a test, you are tested in every grade to show you mastered that grade so you can move to the next.

High school it’s a test the SAT’s is a test to if you’re good enough for College.

We have to take a test to get a driver’s license.

Everything is a test, and so it is in your spiritual life.

Life is a series of tests; your spiritual life is a series of tests from God.

When we go through stuff, trials things we didn’t understand, stressors we think the enemy is behind it.

What if God sends this test, what if that’s a test came from God to prove your potential at this level so you would know that you are ready for the next step.

What if the thing that you are praying for you can’t get until you prove yourself.

Our lives are filled with opportunity (Not Problems) What if that problem is an opportunities to prove yourself (A proving ground).

How can God bring you to your destiny if you have not gone through something that proves you’re ready to reach your destiny.

How can you testify that God is a healer if you never been sick, how can you know that God is a provider if you never had a need, where you can only trust God for.

We have a destiny ahead of us, God wants to put His label, His stamp on us but until you prove that you’re able and capable to walk in it, He can label you.

Can you hold up to what God has for you?

What if this test has different component to it.

You can’t step into your destiny saying, well I went through that test once, that one time I proved that I could handle it, that one time I proved that I was loyal, that one time I proved that I was submitted, that one time I proved I was committed, I did passed that test.

What if these test come over and over in your life to prove that you are ready for more.

God, I’m at this level now but, I’m ready for more?

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