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The True Meaning of Halloween; Part 3

Today we see declarations of ghost, goblins, black cat’s, and skeletons all over. We see people going in graveyards and honor the dead, you still see today human sacrifices, it’s said that with the bones of the dead you could restore power that’s why skeletons became so important and you see them on Halloween.

You see people go into graveyards and lie on a grave speaking to the bones of the dead, and you see graves stones broken and you hear reports graves being dug out and the bone have been taken and the human remains desecrating, because it’s believed that the skeleton of a human have power.

Everything pointing to evil and death all these coming from the root of a celebration that literally belongs to Satan. So many people have thought of pictures of witches being very cute, they hang up the pictures of witches all over their homes, so what wrong with that?

Well; Witches wearing a cone shape hat which is called the cone of power. It indicated that the wearer operated in sorcery and in incantations and spells. It was believed that throughout the year they did spells and incantations, however on the Eve of Hallow Samhain and there new year was the time when their powers where the strongest and if they would engage in certain spells it would have the most power and be the most effective.

Witch riding broom, witches take and make and draw a pentagram then take broomsticks and ride them inside the pentagram it is considered the highest form of worship. it depicts spirits traveling from one place to another on a broom.

What an opening you are giving to satan!

What door did you open to satan!

When you dress, you children up on Halloween you are handing them over to satan.

What should we be doing as Christians?

You should be ministering to our children they need to understand the truth of Halloween. It’s hard to hear, but if you pray and ask God to strengthen you and breaking this thing which is allowed every year.

And if you’re sit down and be honest with them and pray with them and teach them, then the Grace of God will be all over them, we can’t go through life thinking you can do this to you kids, Kids in school will harass them, show them the truth and trust in God.

You can buy them candy. Understand this it is NOT legalistic, what is legalistic is that you have told this lie about this holiday that has been around for over thousands of years that is meant to celebrate evil.

That’s the legalistic, NO part of this is from of God.

It is the night of celebration of Satan it’s that night of death rooted and grounded in traditions from hell for centuries, on this night most of those practicing witchcraft will be involved in things that you could not ever believe.

We need come to a place where we should say: AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!

We wonder why sickness and diseases and horror things happen to us or our household, we don’t know what’s coming down the road when we open ourselves up to the highest, the most evil day that satan has throughout the year. Where every witch and warlock celebrates, and give homage to so many deities, evil spirits that is in Halloween.

This has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, He has no part in it.

You can’t redeem Halloween, you have to stand, and we have to be honest with ourselves and our children.

God Bless, Israel

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